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The Initiative in partnership with Triangle Nursery of McMinnville, and supports partner to plant trees in Tennessee throughout the year.


The Initiative team organizes volunteers for roadside cleaning efforts as a volunteering partner in the Tennessee Adopt-A-Highway program.

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The Initiative also supports social non-profits that focus on civics, children, drug and alcohol addiction recovery, and suicide prevention.

The Tennessee Roots Initiative is a program established for businesses across Tennessee to partner in unique ways to give back to their communities. The Roots Initiative will focus on environmental responsibility, clean up efforts, and engaging the social-based non-profits to advance their causes in civics, youth, drug and alcohol addiction recovery, and suicide prevention. 

The scope the initiative will be to organize tree plantings, organize highway cleanups, and partner with various non-profits to support their missions that impact our community across many spectrums. Without reinventing the wheel, we feel we can come together with our community, our partners, and commendable efforts to work towards a sustained efforts of giving back.


Tennessee Roots Initiative Partnerships

Megan Ferrell, Director of TN roots Initiative

Holy Hand Grenade Productions, LLC, organizers of the Musictree Festival, have announced the launch of the Tennessee Roots Initiative. The Tennessee Roots Initiative is a mission-based program designed to give back to the community and partner with non-profit organizations that align with the values of the festival.


The Tennessee Roots Initiative will focus on three specific criteria: planting trees, volunteering, and working together with organizations that focus on civics, youth, drug and alcohol addiction recovery, and suicide prevention. You can learn more about the initiative by visiting


Organizing the launch of the Tennessee Roots Initiative in 2020 will be newly named Director, Megan Ferrell. Megan brings over seven years of marketing experience to the post including time as the Executive Secretary of the National Cornbread Festival. She is also the founder and operator of 615 VIP. She has organized and executed over 20 successful special events including celebrity golf tournaments and youth basketball camps. In her spare time, you can find her in a gym coaching high school girls basketball where she has helped several girls train and play at the collegiate level, as well as winning two National Championships. She enjoys spending time with her kids, being active in church, thrifting and antiquing, live music, and kayaking.


The Tennessee Roots Initiative is supported by partners that value the initiative and actively support the mission. Current supports are Triangle Nursery of McMinnville, Kirchhoff Automotive, and Acme Storage.

Megan Ferrell


p: 615.580.5745

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