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Nashville Unsigned partners in Musictree Festival

Holy Hand Grenade Productions, LLC. and Nashville Unsigned, LLC. has announced an ownership partnership of the annual Musictree Festival located in Manchester, Tennessee.

The Musictree Festival takes place the week leading into the world-renowned Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival as a welcoming party of sorts, welcoming incoming Bonnaroo fans as well as delivering a high-quality regional festival to fans across the state. The event is also designed to drive local economic impact by offering entertainment across a slate of venues in the city of Manchester.

This year’s festival will take September 17-19, 2020 after being rescheduled to align with the postponement of Bonnaroo. The festival also announced confirmation of plans earlier this week to implement a series of guidelines that will be followed in order to host the event as planned.

Multiple headliners of the originally announced lineup including The Weeks, Ira Wolf, and The Becky Buller Band have reconfirmed for the September dates. In Monday’s announcement the festival also hinted towards quality additions to the festival as the move required some changes in the highly anticipated lineup.

The partnership between Holy Hand Grenades and Nashville Unsigned pairs two independent music focused companies that will give flexibility and range to the production, marketing, ticketing, and booking of the Musictree Festival.

Nashville Unsigned is a digital magazine, live events and label services company built for independent artists with a hyper focus on curation.

NU was founded 4 years ago by Nick Brown, Jared Rigsby and Amber Stoneman with new partners introduced along the way like Matt Valluzzi and Nick “Rice” Daniels, all sharing a vision of providing resources to the independent community, aiding them in remaining independent. We see a future where you can be an independent artist and that be your full time job.

Having experience in digital and social media marketing, content creation and having thrown over 150 live events, NU has a set of unique talents with unique individuals to aid in elevating this festival alongside our new partners.

“We are excited to continue growing our skills, in a segment like festivals, that we have only dreamed to grow into. Now we get to do that alongside an independent production company like Holy Hand Grenade Productions.”

“Now buy your tickets! You can thank us later!”

“Independence for independents”, said Amber Stoneman, CEO and co-founder

Holy Hand Grenade Productions, LLC was formed by founders of the original Musictree team in efforts to expand the scope of the Musictree Festival and bring on a slate of additional events across the southeast. Holy Hand Grenade Productions will offer venue booking services, event production services, and event-specific marketing.

“I absolutely could not be more excited to have the Nashville Unsigned team join us to take the Musictree Festival to the next level. The impact on the 2020 event will not go unnoticed, but the impact of future dates will be even more exciting. The reputation this company has with up and coming musicians is well regarded in the Nashville indie music scene. Combine that reputation with their team’s professionalism, flexibility, and innovative approach to various elements of marketing, ticketing, and building authentic experiences, and you can see why we are beyond stoked to call Nashville Unsigned our partners in this event”, said Ryan French, co-founder of the Musictree Festival.

Photo: (Front L/R) Amber Stonemen, CEO of Nashville Unsigned, and Ryan French, co-founder and director of strategic partnerships of the Musictree Festival. (Back L/R) Dustin Murray of the Musictree Booking team, Andrea Bates, Musictree director of strategic marketing, and Josh Grosch, co-founder and director booking & artist relations. #Musictree #Bonnaroo #LiveMusic #ManchesterTN #NashvilleTN #NashvilleUnsigned

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