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Musictree announces partnership with Indie Music Discovery

For the first three editions of Musictree in 2012, 2013, and 2014 one of the more defined and effective partnerships came by the way of a company formally known as Middle Tennessee Music, now Indie Music Discovery.

The IMD group worked side by side with Musictree producers to provide hundreds of hours of content in the way of interviews, podcasts, and articles, all of which were utilized to market performers far beyond their set at the festival.

"Since launching in May 2011, thousands of articles featuring independent music from across the planet have been published to this site. We feel blessed and very grateful to have built a {very} large and growing catalog of indie music shared with us by fans, bands, artists, songwriters, labels and PR firms.

In the very beginning, we focused solely on Middle Tennessee spending a lot of time at live events capturing footage, grabbing live interviews with artists after their performances and hanging out backstage and with crews and the music makers after hours.

The longer we stayed around the more bands, managers, labels and PR firms kept sending us their music…from all over the world. People equated Middle Tennessee to Nashville and the best way to break into a new market is to garner local coverage in the market you are trying to build a buzz.

At present, I receive more submissions than I know how to handle, reply to and process but I have never given up on trying to find a way. It also sucks when I have to turn down free entry into awesome events due to time constraints or being in the wrong location. With this said my current focus is on smaller indies and DIY’ers as well as any and everything from Tennessee, not just the middle.

I am less interested in bands competing for the mainstream, have over 1,000,000 plays on Spotify or YouTube, and have social media followings most of us dream about. If you are at that level of success, I have nothing to offer you other than a potential new quote you might add to your already impressive EPK.

I’m here for the little guys.

At the very core, this site serves (and always has) as an access point for accomplishing both indie music discovery as well as connecting with creatives to build a community (common unity) of like-minded people who can work together to improve this crazy, digitized music business we’ve been swept into. At the end of the day, it’s all about the network. Any musician who has self-booked, funded and routed a tour definitely knows what I’m talking about."

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