"a festival of the arts"

The Musictree Festival took the stage in June of 2013 with over 135 acts playing in 7 venues across Manchester, TN.


The concept was simple, showcase local and regional up and coming acts to some of the most diverse crowds in the country as folks made their way to Manchester for Bonnaroo. The other angle was to develop an economy around the impact of Bonnaroo, rather than sitting around with our hand out as a community.

The name "Musictree" itself has a very intentional double meaning from organizers.


The first meaning is based on the concepts of showcasing up and coming musicians, the level of the industry that we feel is the foundation, or in this case the roots that the music industry is built upon.


The second meaning is to use music to literally plant more trees in the world. At each venue of the event, you can become part of the Musictree Family and help us have a positive impact on the planet. 

The festival is produced by a collection of friends with a deep love of community, and of course, music. 



"The roots of musictree"

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The Musictree festival is the premier pre bonnaroo welcoming concert in the heart of Manchester, Tennessee. The Music Festival is designed to showcase regional and national artists to one of the most diverse crowds in the county. join the musictree family in 2020 #MTF2020