Boxcar Junkies

Band bio

We often define life by the things we have.

Boxcar Junkies lead vocalist and principal songwriter Brandon Reid Allen defines his by the things he’s survived.

He was born in Indiana but his nomadic ways often led him astray. With extreme hearing loss as a child and subject to a tougher start than most, Allen wasn’t exactly someone you’d expect to catapult to a career as a singer-songwriter.

But one thing his parents gave him before leaving this world was his first start in music through their family band. Allen started playing drums and bass until receiving his first acoustic guitar at age 12. That’s when the writing started. That’s when he first found his voice.

Allen launched a successful career as a singer-songwriter. He won Best Rock Vocalist at the Los Angeles Music Awards as well as Songwriter of the Year. Not long after, he added Breakout Artist of the Year at the American Christian Music Awards, as well as Song of the Year at the Paramount Music Awards. He signed a label deal with distribution and publishing through EMI, creating quite a buzz as an independent musician.



9:30 pm

manchester, Tennessee

260 Woodbury hwy.